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Developing Leaders

Fulfilling the need for able Leaders to work among children – committed, faithful, and trained adults who will nurture and care for them.

Equipping Churches

Building the capacity of the local church to more effectively care for and nurture children and their families.

Reaching Children

Revealing the Gospel and love of Christ to children and their families through fun-filled sessions.

About Us

We at Child Focus India would like to declare that it is our goal to assist you in this endeavor by providing quality Christian resources to edify the body of Christ around your world of children

We at Child Focus India, from its inception on 02 Jun 2010 believe that we can achieve the above by

Reaching Children

Equipping Churches

Developing Leaders and

Networking with like-minded individuals and organizations

Child Focus India is an registered NGO with the Government of Karnataka vide 11/08-09 BK IV dated 02 Jun 2008.  Patterson Sunder Rajan being the founder and chairman of the Trust.

Are you looking to train your Sunday School teachers?

We are available to assist the local churches with effective work among children. 

(Over 500 Churches have had trainings in their regional languages across India).

Our Vision.

To be devoted to using the affluence of God’s Word for discipleship, the proficient training of children in Godly character, and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to know Jesus and live out and experience His endless love!

Our Foundation.

We believe that God gives children as gift to welcome and nature.

We believe that God welcomes children fully into the family of faith.

We believe that children are a promise of hope for every generation.

Collegiate Training

Holistic Child Development programs in partnership with affiliate colleges and seminaries at the M Div and B Th level.

(Over 1000 students have undergone our 4 credit courses on Level 1 & 2 Christian Education Courses affiliated to ATA and other accrediting agencies in  South Asia regions)

Church Training

Assisting the local church with effective work among children. 

(Over 500 Churches have had trainings in their regional languages across India)

Conference Hosting

National/City and region-wide conferences held for training in working with children. Periodically held week-long workshops and training to develop leaders in Children Ministries.

Resource Development

To assist families, churches, and individuals in their desire to positively impact the lives of children

Includes curriculum for Sunday School, VBS, Hope Clubs, Kids Camps/Retreats etc.

Parental Support

Seminars on Biblical Upbringing of Children and classes for parents of new born babies (0-9 months and 1-5 yrs) on Child Health : Gods way

Children’s Church/Sunday School Support

A dedicated effort in providing consultation on formation/upkeep of children’s church and Sunday school based on well-founded Curricula.

Dedicated Teams

Teams with a passion to inspire and shape children are developed and sent out to teach and assist leaders, spanning from our rural villages to cities and to other nations with the indigenously developed curriculum.

(Over a 100 dedicated team members have had the privilege to serve in remote villages as well as many nations in the last decade).

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